Monday, August 8, 2011

What's in a Name?

Everyone knows that the name you are given at birth somewhat defines you...I mean do you ever expect a girl named "KiKi" to be valedictorian?  My mother was moments away from naming me Prudence (seriously!) when my dad intervened!  (Thanks Dad - I will forever owe you on that one!).  Like it or not our names give us character and identify us to the I had to put some thought into what to name my blog! 

I have to give props to Brian for coming up with "Jill Knows Jack" - which is soooo fitting on so many levels!  But, worth sharing are some honorable mentions that didn't make the cut...for a variety of reasons!
1.  Jillicious (at risk of always getting caught in a spam filter)
2.  Jilly Bean (that would be referencing a coffee bean, not a candy)
3.  Just Jill (just didn't quite do it for me)
4.  Jilligan's Island (I mean, how do you come up with an original theme song?)
5.  Jill the Thrill (what happens in college needs to stay in college)
6.  Jillanigans (combining Jill and Shenanigans...but made me feel like I was an Irish pub)
7.  J-I-L-L-O (don't know if I need the image of jiggly associated any more with my name)

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